Tips For Providing Good Technical Support

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One of the promising industries in this era of technological boom is the technical support industry. Here we discuss some simple techniques for running a successful technical support business.


  • One of the major facts you need to be aware of while intending to provide the best tech support for your clients is to look at the problems from the customer’s side. If you put yourself in the customer’s shoe, you will be able to deal with the issue in a friendlier way. This is very much important, as the customer will feel satisfied with the service you provide. Always remember that the customer can find support from many other places, it is you who wants the customer to stay with you.
  •  The next thing you should keep in mind is that you should never ask open questions to the customer. It will give him room for ranting about other issues with the system. So always ask closed questions like “Do you know how to reset your router?” rather than asking the customer “What’s going on with your router.”
  • Make sure that you provide your expertise to fix the issues related to a specific error rather than turning it around for working on multiple ones. If the customer asks you about another issue while you are trying to fix one, ask him which one he would like to look into first in a cordial manner, like “Okay, we can definitely look into that. But we need to focus on one problem at a time — which would you like to start with?”
  • One of the major things you need to keep in mind if you are in the tech support business is that you need to accept the fact that you are not all knowing. If you come across some issues that you do not have any idea about, transfer the problem to a senior person who may have an idea on how to fix the issue. This will save both parties well as additional time is not lost.

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  • Now you also need to take care in giving the customer single steps at a time and do not yell at the customer. If he is no able to understand a specific instruction, tell him about it in a composed state of peace and never get angry.
  • It is also a good idea to give your customers some tips for escaping from the error in the future.

If you follow the simple tips given above, you will be able to run a good technical support solution successfully.

Fixing The DVD Playback Issues In Windows Media Player

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Windows Media Player is the default media player in the Windows operating system. This comes preinstalled with the Windows operating system. This media player allows the users to playback both music and video files. The player is able to playback files in a number of formats like WMV, MP3, and MPEG 2. The users can also play DVD movies with this player. There are times when the DVA playback in Windows media player can run into decoder and display problems and diminish the performance of the playback.

The Windows support tips that are shared below will help you resolve these issues and improve the quality of the playback by Windows media player.


  • Make sure that the DVD decoder is installed on the Windows Media Player. To do this, click on the Tools button that is located on the interface of the player and then select Options.
  • Check for the DVD tab in the Options menu. If you are not able to locate any DVD tab, it means that the DVD decoder is missing from the Windows Media Player. You can download and install a decoder that is suitable for the operating system that is installed in your computer.
  • After downloading and installing the decoder, try to play the DVD again. If it is not working, you can try to play some other DVD.
  • If downloading and installing the decoder does not fix the issue, you can try to reduce the video hardware acceleration. This is done if the DVD is playing back in choppy quality. To do this, click on the Tools button that is located in the interface of the Windows media player.
  • Click on Options and then select the Performance tab. You can then drag the slider that is located under Video Acceleration to None. Click on the OK button to save the changes that you have made. If making changes to the video hardware acceleration allows you to play DVDs, you should understand that there is some problem with the display drivers. You can then update the display drivers from the website of your computer manufacturer.

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  • Reduce the display settings if the DVD that you are using does not support high resolution. To do this, click on Start and select Run. Type in desk.cpl and hit the Enter key. Select the Settings tab and then drag the resolution slider to 800×600.

These are the simple steps to fix DVD playback issues in Windows Media player. If you have any doubts, you can contact the Windows support team.

How To Add A Second Email Account In Outlook

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The email application that comes bundled with Microsoft Office Suite is Microsoft Outlook. In addition to the sending and receiving of emails, tasks and calendar, Microsoft Outlook also provides the option to support various email protocols like IMAP, POP3 and other services. Moreover, you can add a second email in Outlook, if you follow these instructions given below from the Outlook support team.


  • Start Microsoft Outlook application on your Windows computer and click on the option Tools, then Account Settings. After that, you need to select the option Add New E-mail Account. This will open a new set up window on your screen.
  • Now, you need to select the option that will help you in automatic setting up of your account. Based on your email address, the Outlook will now try to set up your email account. In the appropriate spaces provided, you need to enter your name, email address and password followed by clicking the button Next. Clicking the Next button will make the Outlook configure your account by contacting the email service provider. If the method is successful, you need to click on the button Finish and start using Outlook mailbox to download your email messages. If the method is not successfully, you need to enter the log in details once more and try again.

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  • Configuring an account manually is completely different and you need to stick to manual set up process only if the automatic setting up of the account fails or if you need to enter some details yourselves. For manual set up, you need to check mark the box that says Configure server settings and additional server types followed by clicking the button Next. This will make available a configuration page where you need to type your credentials regarding your server. For POP3 account, you need to choose Internet Email and use Microsoft Exchange for Exchange servers for IMAP or HTTP webmail accounts. For any other type of email account, you need to choose the option Other. To continue to the next window, click Next. It is on this window that you need to type your credentials. Information like your name and email address, information regarding the servers like incoming mail and outgoing mail server information, account type and your log in information like the account username and password need to be entered here.

The above instructions from the Outlook support team would help you add a second email in Outlook. To know more regarding this, contact the Outlook customer care center online.

Steps To Fix Your Laptop With Problems That Keeps Restarting

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Many a times while working on your laptop, you may face issues where it would get restarted again and again. There can be many reasons that make your laptop restart like this. Some of these common factors include excessive heat or even the malfunctioning of the laptop fan, which usually cancels out this heat. The best option in such cases is to contact your laptop support and seek assistance from the technicians available there. But before taking your laptop to the professional to fix it, you can check if you can fix the issues yourself.

Thus, you can use the following instructions to troubleshoot and fix the actual cause that leads to the restarting of your laptop again and again:

  • Whenever your laptop gets automatically restarted, you can place your hand beneath it. This is to check if the laptop is extremely hot. If you find it to be extremely hot, click on the Windows Start menu followed by the Shut Down option. Now, you need to wait for the laptop to cool completely before turning it on again.
  • According to the laptop support technicians, you can also obtain a fan that can be placed beneath the laptop to cool it. This would work as an alternative option for the faulty internal fan and decrease chances of a recurrence.
  • In the next step, you need to turn on your laptop, click on the Start menu and select the Computer option. Now, you can right-click on Computer, which would be available within the Windows Explorer sidebar and select the Properties option. Now, click on Startup and Recovery, Advanced tab followed by Settings.
  • Now, you need to uncheck the box, which would be available next to Automatically Restart. You would observe that your laptop would shut down due to an error rather than restarting.

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  • Next, you need to power your laptop back on and check if it starts normally. Now, if it does, you have solved the problem. However, if you find a blue or black screen on your laptop, the issue is most probably related to the computer’s hard drive. In such cases, the best option would be to take it to a professional to repair.

These steps would help you to successfully fix a laptop with problems that keeps restarting. However, if you still face the same issues in your laptop, feel free to contact our technical support team.

How To Determine The Hard Drive Size Of A Laptop

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It is imperative on the part of the user to determine the amount of space available on the hard drive. When the hard drive is running at its full capacity, it is likely that the operating system is flawed. If you are using an older laptop, determining the size of your hard drive becomes more tedious. More often than not, the laptop manufacturer provides the least number of options for upgrading. Nevertheless, you can contact the laptop support services of the manufacturer to find the hard drive capacity.

If you possess a new laptop, it is likely that it supports a Serial ATA interface. In the case of SATA interface, unlike older ones, there is no size limit for the hard drive. Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, this facility is not available on older laptops. If you need to upgrade the hard drive of your old laptop, follow these steps. Make sure it works to improve the storage capacity of your hard drive successfully.


  • If you are working on a Windows Operating system, access Control panel by navigating to the Start button located at the bottom left hand side. Choose Start and hover the mouse over Settings. Select Control Panel. Click twice over the System icon. You will get a tabs list at the top side. Access the Hardware Tab and choose the Device Manager Button. If you get a SATA controller, your laptop uses a SATA interface. There is no size limit for SATA storage.
  • In case, you find an IDE controller instead of SATA, right click over the Primary IDE channel.  Access Properties and then choose Advanced Settings. Look for the Current Transfer Mode and if it displays Ultra DMA Mode 5, it will support the features of a SATA storage controller.

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In case, if it displays Ultra DMA Mode 4 or anything below that, the laptop cannot support a hard drive capacity beyond 127 gigabytes. The following steps would help you check if you need more hard drive space.


  • Click twice over My Computer.  The hard drives list will be displayed. The major drive is C and the D drive is for DVD or CD ROM.
  • Right click to select the drive you need to view. Choose Properties and then Capacity. Your hard drive space, both used and unused, will be displayed with the aid of a pie chart.

It is advised to contact the laptop support from your manufacturer if you cannot determine the hard drive capacity, in case you are using a much older laptop.

Procedure To Find How Much RAM My Computer Will Hold

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It would not take a computer geek to know that RAM is an absolutely essential part of any computer system. It plays a vital role in the computer’s speed, and is in a way much easier to upgrade compared to other parts of the computer. Before you choose to upgrade, however, you need to know your computer’s RAM capacity. This is actually determined by the motherboard. Here are the PC support instructions to help you determine the amount and type of RAM your motherboard supports. The check is fairly straightforward, and you just have to follow these simple PC support instructions.


  • You need to download a program to obtain information on your computer’s hardware components.
  • After that, you need to install the program and run it. Follow the program’s prompts to get the specific information on your motherboard.
  • Then, after writing down the model number of your motherboard, you can visit the manufacturer’s website and search for your motherboard model number. You need to be careful to do this accurately, as many model numbers differ by only one number or letter.
  • You can read the technical information about your motherboard provided by the website. This will give you fair enough information, not only about how much RAM your motherboard will hold, but also the type of RAM it supports.

Tips & Warnings

  • In case you own an Apple computer, you can simply visit Apple’s website, and locate your computer’s model number to find your RAM capacity. You need not install a program.
  • A 4GB RAM, requires a 64-bit operating system. If you run a 32-bit system, then it will not be able to use more than 4GB. In this case, it is not possible even your motherboard supports it and you install it.
  • Your motherboard specifications would clearly mention which all RAM types it supports. It may support a particular type of RAM, such as DDR, DDR2, or DDR3. Before purchasing any RAM, you need to make sure it is compatible with your motherboard.

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  • If you purchase and install RAM on your own, if you are doing it for the first time, it is advisable that you carefully read a tutorial on it. Though it is one of the simplest upgrades, it must be done correctly or you can even damage your computer.
  • Now, if your motherboard does not support the amount of RAM you wish to have, you can purchase would need to purchase new motherboard and install it.

Now, you know how much RAM your computer will hold so that you can install the correct amount of RAM.

Mailbox Made More Service Agnostic By Dropbox With Support For ICloud And Yahoo Mail

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To share files and folders by means of the Internet, you will be required to send emails, log on to file sharing services or even choose to install FTP clients. The Dropbox application simplifies the whole process of file sharing. Upon placing a Dropbox on the desktop and dragging items to it, the software uploads items to a Web based replica of the desktop automatically. And as such, you can access your data from anywhere by choosing to log onto the Internet. It also allows you to share folders and files with others by means of the Web.

According to the email support team, use Dropbox and it will be possible for you to synchronize the folders to other computers in your house or in your business. You can invite and share your Dropbox files with users from outside. This program will come in handy for colleagues, teachers and freelancers. Once the program is downloaded, you can create an account. To share files will prove to be a cakewalk.

In the opinion of the email support team, Dropbox acquisition Mailbox has chosen to expand from its single service roots with support for iCloud, Yahoo Mail, and accounts. Previously, the client used to support only Gmail inboxes making its audience larger and more limited.

The email support team states that Mailbox has received more requests for iCloud and Yahoo Mail support in comparison with other features. This release shows the influence of Dropbox which has been a platform agnostic offering. To confine Mailbox to just Gmail involved just a bit of expediency as well as growth. Now that Mailbox is equipped with the resources of Dropbox, they have succeeded in including additional services for the first time ever.

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The Mailbox purchase indicates that the Dropbox was taking steps for expanding beyond a syncing service into a platform of tools, owing to the fact that it is on a crash collision course with Box, which enters from the opposite direction. It makes perfect sense for Dropbox to cobble together various productivity offerings. Enterprise clients are showed solid reasons for using the platform. Box is making attempts for that.

The Mailbox update is currently available for iOS. Even though there are innumerable service options, the app remains absent on Android. The app is not likely to be service agnostic until it garners support for being able to add custom IMAP or POP services. But that is a whole different story.

Email App Dispatch Released With TextExpander Support

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Dispatch- the action based email application, has released a new version enhanced with a new feature- TextExpander. Well the update not only includes a text expander view, it also has many new added features with the version 1.1 of the application. With the new version, the app has now advanced local language support with new languages like German, Japanese, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese added to the mail application. According to the latest reviews we get from various email support groups, the Dispatch email app will now have the ability to open links with the Dolphin Browser when you click on them.

The new version of the app also has features that allow it to integrate with other applications like Evernote, OmniFocus, and Due. Another important feature of the new version 1.1 is that it fixed almost all errors and bugs with the earlier version, so now it is perfectly easy to operate the application on your mobile device. Here we list out some of the bugs fixed with the new version of the application.

  • One of the most common errors with the Dispatch mail app was that when you open a mail sent from the application in another email manager program like Outlook, it contains lots of characters.
  • Some of the other issues with the application like compatibility issues with the iOS7 version and login issues were also successfully dealt with in the new updated version of the application.
  • Some other issues like Call with Skype issues and some other display issues with the application were also fixed and are not found in the new version of Dispatch mail app.

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The Dispatch email app is also now giving the users better email support through their support channels. The action based email manager application is mainly designed for iPhone and iPad touch devices. The application is now available in the App store for a reduced price range as a promotional offer. One of the best features of the application is that you will be able to use TextExtender in the application with the new update in place.

If you have the older version installed, then it will be better for you to tryout the better and smoother version of the application. For knowing more about the features of the app, contact our tech support center.

Different Types Of Computer Tech Support Services

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Computer, the electronic device that we depend on for many tasks is used on a regular basis. No matter whether it is for personal or for work-related purposes, we depend on it a lot more than any other device. Because computers have turned out to be a part of our lives, we perform several jobs using it and encountering an error or bug in-between turns out to be a big hassle.  It could ruin your day and hence it is essential to find a fix at the earliest. Because most of the computer users would not have any idea about dealing with the different errors and technical problems, they approach technical support services.  They consist of professionals, who are technically qualified to handle both software and hardware problems faced by your computer.

The professionally qualified personnel ensure that you get quality service. The problem that you are facing could be related to your operating system, software, peripherals or other components and the computer support staff would help you immediately when you require assistance. One of the major advantages of computer service centers are that they provide service 24 x 7.  Let us check basic requirements for which many users contact the computer service centers.

For PC set up and installation

The support personnel would assist you in installing a new PC and they will take care of the settings and ensure that all the procedures during the installation are done correctly. They even help to setup the email and internet connection.

For performing computer diagnosis

In order to ensure that your computer is in good working condition, the support personnel perform a complete diagnosis of your computer. Any problems with your computer will be diagnosed and they will verify whether your computer is infected or not.

For PC tune up

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Because files and folders will not be arranged properly, your computer might turn slow. In order to fix the same, unwanted files will be removed or all the corrupt files will be cleaned up. Thus after the PC tune up, your computer will turn faster and it will perform much better.

For virus removal

Since internet would be accessed by your system on a daily basis, virus infection would be a common occurrence and if you wish to protect your computer from such threats, you could seek the help of computer service professionals to remove them at the earliest.

If you wish to secure your computer from such threats, it is better to contact a computer support center for assistance.

Adding Windows Exchange Server To Windows Live Mail Client

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      Configuring Exchange sever in Windows live email

Microsoft Exchange Server is email server that is commonly used in environments like office, universities and corporations. This sever is capable of managing large number of emails and multiple users. This exchange server is mainly set up in the server of the company or organization. By using the information regarding the email service and details of exchange server, a user will be able to set up a mail account, so that he will be able to send and receive various company emails easily. Given below are some easy instructions from the Windows email support team for adding Windows exchange server mail account to Windows Live mail client.


  • Start the process by opening the Windows Live mail application in your system. This can be achieved by clicking the button called Start, then All Programs, followed by clicking the icon for Windows Mail.
  • Next, you need to click the option called tools, followed by the option Accounts.
  • Now it is needed to click the email account that needs to be edited and click the option Properties.
  • Click the tab called Server.
  • In the Server tab, it is needed to click the Exchange Server type. It may be either IMAP or POP3. Gather this information from the email service administrator.
  • Now, enter the incoming mail server address in the corresponding box. E.g. – For an incoming mail, server will be
  • Similarly, enter the information regarding the Outgoing mail server. This address is somewhat similar to the incoming mail address and will be like
  • Next, it is needed to check mark the box that says, My outgoing server requires authentication. This is done only when it is needed.
  • Move on to the Exchange log in screen by clicking the Next button.
  • Enter the username for your Exchange account. In most cases, this will be your email address.
  • Similarly, you need to enter the password required for the Exchange mail given by the administrator.

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  • Put a check mark to the box saying, Remember My Password. Clicking this option will help the Windows to remember your Exchange account password.
  • Finally, conclude the process by clicking the button called Finish.
  • Check whether you can receive emails using the Exchange server by clicking the button called Send/Receive.

These above instructions from the Windows email support team would help you add Windows Exchange server mail account to Windows Live mail application.